Nov 17, 2010: Meeting Motions

The following five motions were unanimously carried by 200 participants at the November 17, 2011 Public Meeting of Friends of Hastings Park. We will bring these to the December 2nd City Council Meeting.

Motion #1

That this meeting supports the goals of Friends of Hastings Park.

Motion #2

That this meeting asks Vancouver City Council to delay consideration of the presently proposed Master Plan for Hastings Park in order that:

  1. Well advertised community meetings are held by the City that invite community input into a final Master Plan for Hastings Park;
  2. An analysis of the Master Plan occurs to ensure it contributes to the goals developed by the Mayor’s Greenest City Action Team;
  3. A form of governance for Hastings Park, acceptable to the community, is adopted.

Motion #3

That no part of the Master Plan for Hastings Park be started, including the expansion of Playland, until the community has had input into the plan and the plan is in keeping with the Greenest City action goals (see excerpt below).

Motion #4

That, whereas:

  • Hastings Park was deeded to the City as Hastings Park by the Province of BC and
  • Whereas there is a shortage of parks and recreation facilities in the Hastings area of Vancouver, and
  • The present facilities negatively impact the community, and
  • Whereas the Parks Board is responsible to advocate for parks as well as their management,

Be it resolved that the Parks Board have representation equal to Council and all non-elected members be removed from the PNE Board, so that all PNE Board members are elected and accountable to voters.

Motion #5

That, during the November 2011 City election campaign, the participants of this meeting actively work against the current Mayor and any city councillor who vote in favour of this Master Plan for Hastings Park on December 2, 2010.

The following is an excerpt from the Mayor’s Greenest City Action Team Report.  Long Term Goals, Section 2:

Greener Community:

Green mobility: Make walking, cycling and public transit preferred transportation options. 2020 Target: Make the majority of trips on foot, bicycle and public transit.

Easy Access to Nature: Provide incomparable access to green spaces, including the world’s most spectacular urban forest. 2020 Target: Every person lives within a five-minute walk of a park, beach, greenway, or other natural space; plant 150,000 additional trees in the city.

Lighter Footprint: Achieve a one-planet ecological footprint. 2020 Target: Reduce per capita ecological footprint by 33 per cent.

2 Responses to Nov 17, 2010: Meeting Motions

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  2. geddy says:

    I don’t think you get it. Parks are for all of vancouver not just ‘east side’ social democrates.

    Your vision of a park is so narrow. All you want is nature. A park is some much more than more nature reserves.

    If the east side was using the community centres around the area maybe you would have a point.

    Also, if you think you would have a park anythink like you have now like in the rest of vancouver think again.

    You might have 200 voices but their are thousands that don’t share you view.

    i might see you point if you had a better vision of a modern park. A modern, accessible park is so much more than you have a vision for.

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