FOHP’s Linda Shuto interviewed on CBC about Empire Fields sculpture proposal

In light of tonight’s Park Board meeting to review and possibly decide on installation of a “Home and Away” sculpture in Hastings Park’s Empire Field, Friends of Hastings Park representative Linda Shuto was interviewed today on CBC Radio’s On the Coast, by Stephen Quinn.

Listen to the podcast here, at the 2:06:00 mark in the audio.

(also access through show’s “Past Episodes” on their website, for Monday, September 28th)

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ACT NOW! Park Board voting Monday, Sept 28th on $450K public art in Empire Field–without adequate community consultation

On September 28th, the Park Board will be voting once again whether or not to erect the “Home and Away” slide (ride) masquerading as “art” sculpture at Empire Fields.

We had raised issue with this sculpture proposal before, as it seemed to have been planned without any input whatsoever from the community. Apparently, the Park Board thinks it will pass this time because they did a consultation with 35 people at Library Square in July, and got a favourable result; then the community was also “consulted” in an ad hoc manner during the Empire Fields/Plateau Park opening event in the summer (, which we do not think is sufficient to approve such a significant installation in our community.

We encourage you to e-mail to all Park Board Commissioners, and particularly the liaison commissioners for the Hastings-Sunrise area, Stuart McKinnon (also @betterparks on Twitter) and Erin Shum (also @erinyvr on Twitter), as well as city council (or see a full list of individual councillor e-mails here) as soon as possible as the vote will be on Monday, September 28th.


Contact local government:

Mayor Gregor Robertson:
City Councillors:
– George Affleck:
– Elizabeth Ball:
– Adriane Carr:
– Melissa De Genova:
– Heather Deal:
– Kerry Jang:
– Raymond Louie:
– Geoff Meggs:
– Andrea Reimer:
– Tim Stevenson:
Park Board Commissioners:

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Letter to Mayor and Council: Cleanup of Hastings Park needed after PNE Fair

Dear Mayor Robertson and Councillor Louie,

Please see to the clean up of Hastings Park following the PNE. A big mess needs attending to.

Also, surrounding Hastings Park there is litter strewn along the roads surrounding the park and the landscaping recently put in is already deteriorating. I am not sure who is responsible for planting maintenance, but blackberries are taking over everywhere and the pathetic Rotary Club Planting is a complete mess. The back of the racetrack was once planted with lovely rhododendrons, long choked by blackberry vines and weeds.

This whole area is becoming more derelict. What jurisdiction is responsible for cleaning up litter? The only ones cleaning up at the intersection of Cassiar and Hastings, are those seeking coins from drivers at the intersection.

Gale Tyler for Friends of Hastings Park

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Sept 12th: FREE community event – Welcome BBQ at Hastings Community Centre

The annual Hastings Community Association sponsored “Welcome Back BBQ” is this Saturday, September 12th from 3:00-6:00pm at Hastings Community Centre.

Live entertainment includes The Tim Sars Band and the The Carnival Band. The weather will be warm and the sky will be sunny. A wonderful way to engage with our community and learn of the great new programs and activities at HCC. Please share widely, and hope to see you there! Event updates can be found on the Hastings Community Association’s Facebook page.


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Public Consultation Invitation: New Brighton Park Shoreline Habitat Restoration Project

Port Metro Vancouver and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation have released this invitation for Vancouver residents to participate in a public consultation process, between August 26-September 9, in regard to restoration of a salt marsh along the shoreline at New Brighton Park:

See the Invitation here:
New Brighton Park Shoreline Habitat Restoration Project: Invitation to Participate in Public Consultation

Follow the project updates here:
City of Vancouver website: New Brighton Park Shoreline Habitat Restoration Project

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Letter to the Editor of Vancouver Courier, in response to article re: PNE losing charitable status

Today we learned from the Vancouver Courier that “PNE loses charity status, faces 6-figure tax bill

Our own Gale Tyler has sent this response to the Editor of the Vancouver Courier:

Dear Editor,

Bob Makin reveals in his article, that the federal tax department revoked the PNE’s charitable status more than a year ago for failure to file.

During an all candidate’s meeting last November leading up the Municipal Election, Raymond Louie was asked publicly, “Why has the PNE not filed for Charitable Tax Status required to maintain non profit status?” Councillor Louie responded that it was simply that the the financial report was delayed and would be ready very soon and submitted to Canada Revenue.

Why has this financial report not been filed? What has caused this delay? Are the finances of the PNE not in order or not up to CRA scrutiny? How is it that all the same charitable activities at the PNE are continuing without non profit status?

The PNE Board, chaired by Raymond Louie, must reveal the PNE books to the public for scrutiny. Perhaps a forensic audit is in order.

And, the buck stops with Vancouver City Council that put Hastings Park and the PNE under the governance of the appointed and closed PNE Board instead of the Vancouver Park Board, a publicly elected Board. And, the City Council appoints the PNE Board and its Chairperson.

That a sitting City Councillor, Raymond Louie, is the chair of the PNE Board, looks like a conflict of interest to many people.
Citizens deserve to know just what is going on at Hastings Park. It is, after all, a public park and it should be governed publicly with the full knowledge of taxpayers.

Gale Tyler

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Council has voted: Park Board officially removed from PNE Board and Hastings Park oversight

On Wednesday, June 10th, the City’s Standing Committee on Finance and Services discussed the topic of Hastings Park/PNE Governance Review and Bylaw Update, and the proposal to remove Park Board representation from the PNE Board who oversees the operation of the entire Hastings Park site (excepting Empire Field at the east end of the Park).

A video clip of that portion of the meeting can be viewed here:,006
And recent press links on this issue have been updated on our site here:
Press Archives

Despite unanimous opposition from elected Park Board Commissioners themselves, and a close vote among Councillors (5 to 4), the decision has now formally been made to restructure the PNE Board so as to remove the Park Board seat, and reduce the size of Board overall.

As several speakers pointed out in last night’s discussion, transparency around the running of Hastings Park will most certainly decrease as a side effect of this change–rather than increase, as had been promised in earlier adoption of the Hastings Park Master Plan in 2010.

Certainly a very disappointing outcome for the Hastings-Sunrise community.

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