June 8th: URGENT – Register to speak at PNE public board meeting, on proposals affecting Hastings Park

Dear Neighbours and Friends,

There is an important public PNE Board Meeting happening:
June 8th at 530pm
Hastings Room
(find on the PNE site map here)

There are 4 new proposals to consider. If you sign up to speak, you must be there earlier. (see link)

1) The PNE is proposing a Chinese Lantern Festival from Dec 15th-Jan 2nd, Sun-Thurs 5pm-10pm Fri-Sat 5pm-11pm.
They are expecting 100,000 plus visitors.

Although we like this kind of festival, we have some serious concerns about its footprint, which will surround the Sanctuary with 8-ft opaque fencing, and encompass much of the surrounding park space as well. There will be restricted access to the Sanctuary for 2.5 months.(Put-up starts November 15, take-down, February 2nd) with public access ONLY from Hastings Street.

They are planning to make this an annual event and we have suggested that, in future, it be moved inside Playland, leaving the Sanctuary open to unfettered access by the public. We also anticipate serious parking issues, as there will be multiple events going on at Hastings Park/PNE Buildings during this time.

2) Playland Nights: 4 Friday nights in July will be changed to ADULT ONLY and open from 7pm-midnight. There will be LIQUOR served and consumed throughout Playland.

This does not bode well for the surrounding community after midnight as patrons exit PLAYLAND.

3) The Forum is applying to change their liquor license to allow patrons to carry their drinks throughout the venue in an effort to attract more entertainment acts and bands, where alcohol is featured, much like venues downtown. Alcohol would be served until 100 am.

4) DRONES OVER the SANCTUARY. The PNE intends to hold a lighted drone show over the Sanctuary during the PNE.

We are very much opposed, as it will be dangerous to the birds, ducks and all other wildlife and plants in the Sanctuary. Also they will have a motorized boat in the pond. People observing could do a lot of costly damage to the Sanctuary.

Perhaps the event could be held inside the Race Track area or the amphitheatre, but it is inconceivable that it be held in a bird and nature sanctuary. This area is to be a refuge for birds and ducks, not a venue for automated

The Hastings Park Conservancy

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