June 20, 2011: Meeting Motions

Our public meeting on June 20, 2011 was very successful!  Thank you to everyone. Fifty participants passed the following motions which will form the basis of our work over the next few months. 

Motion 1:

THAT this meeting direct the Friends of Hastings Park to send a letter to the  Mayor and City Council asking for the status of the governance review of Hastings Park and the Pacific National Exhibition as requested in the Council Meeting Minutes of December 14, 2010.

Motion 2:

THAT the Friends of Hastings Park design a  public consultation process about Governance and invite the City of Vancouver to be a public partner in that plan.

Motion 3:

THAT the Friends of Hasting Park proceed with a plan to:

  • a) publicize the issue of governance of Hastings Park as the key issue required to ensure free public access
  • b) pressure City Council to enact its decision to undertake a Governance Review of Hastings Park
  • c) ensure that the Governance Review be an authentic community consultation

Motion 4:

THAT the Friends of Hastings Park main goal be to achieve governance for Hastings Park that is democratic, representative of and responsive to the community and the public.