March 6th: PNE Public Board Meeting – open to the community

Please think about attending the upcoming PNE Public Board Meeting:

Monday, March 6, 2017
6:00-9:00 PM

(full Agenda here).

There are some very important topics to discuss.
Below are some interesting links to the presentations.

1. Community Partnerships

2. Green Space Management

3. Community Grant Fund

4. Playland Redevelopment Plan

Friends of Hastings Park

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Support Your Local Community Centre! Joint Operating Agreement negotiation 2017

Support your local community centre in negotiating Joint Operating Agreements with Park Board!
Visit for more details.

NOTE: MEETING POSTPONED TO FEBRUARY 9th! Due to weather advisory on Feb 8th.
Attend a special meeting at

Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue


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Access to Hastings Park for residents, during PNE Fair

If you live in Hastings-Sunrise, and are concerned about gaining access to walk or jog through the park during the PNE Fair in August, visit the Hastings Park Conservancy site, for more information about how to obtain a Hastings Park Access Pass during the Fair.

This program has run annually to allow local residents throughway access to the Park (note: the pass is not intended for admission to the PNE).

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Speak Up for Hastings Park at the PNE Board meeting: Weds, Jul 6th

Community members and friends around Hastings Park:

The next public meeting of the HP/PNE Board is this coming:

Wednesday, July 6th
from 6:00-9:00 PM
in the Hastings Room at Hastings Park

This is a chance to give feedback on the recent announcement of the PNE Board’s plans to expand Playland, which will ultimately reduce unpaid/public access to our park year-round. Hastings Park is our neighborhood’s green space, that is important to the health of individuals here. Make sure to speak up, and let the Board know your thoughts.

As representatives for The PNE Community Advisory Committee, we urgently need lots of you to attend, and would highly encourage you to register to speak to an agenda item, see link below. We and many others are working to protect and ensure continued community access and enjoyment of all of Hastings Park, year round, and to ensure protection of the nature and wildlife within the park.

As noted in the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan:

“Anyone who has walked through a park on the first sunny day of spring has experienced the importance of green spaces to the health of individuals and communities. Whether they take the form of a community garden, a city park, a greenway along your block, or the seawall, green spaces have been shown to benefit our physical and emotional health by reducing blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress. These spaces also contribute to our sense of community by creating places for recreational activities, for children to play, and for neighbours to meet and socialize.”

We need community to speak to the agenda items, to keep in mind your responses to our recent survey, and your excellent and relevant comments to the issue of what future activities, events, programs and green spaces you would like to have available in Hastings Park. The PNE Board needs to appreciate and act on what the community wants.

See below, on how to register to speak.

Individuals or delegations may request to speak to an agenda item once the agenda is posted and up to 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting. Requests are made by email, phone or in person, and must be received by the PNE 24 hours before the start of the meeting. Requests must include first and last name, organization or interest group (if applicable) and agenda item to be addressed.

In order to ensure that there is enough time to address all agenda items; up to five minutes has been allocated for each speaker; the number of speakers to an agenda item is limited to four; and the number of public items on the agenda is limited to four. Any agenda items that are not addressed will be deferred to a future Board meeting.

Individuals or delegations wishing to present audio-visual or hard copy materials must submit the materials to the designated PNE staff member at least 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting. PNE retains copies of all material presented to the Board. Handouts not submitted within the timeline will not be distributed.

Individuals and delegations at Board meetings will abide by the following code of conduct:

Speak or present any materials in a manner that is respectful of all persons
Use courteous or parliamentary language
Speak only on the matter under consideration by the Board
Respect the authority of the Chair.

To submit an item for consideration at the open portion of a HP/PNE Board meeting or to make a request to appear at the open portion of a HP/PNE Board please contact the PNE at:

Phone: 604-253-2311

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City Council approves Playland expansion and “Theme Park” for Hastings Park

With the PNE Board now completely in charge of Hastings Park, we’ve heard in the news this week that the PNE Board has received approval from City Council to move forward with a significant Playland expansion, creating an enhanced “theme-based” amusement park, with increased admission costs to the public over a greater portion of the site.

Is this what is best for the park, for East Van, for all citizens of Vancouver? We continue to welcome thoughts, comments and suggestions here: Survey & Comments re Hastings Park

We have already heard from concerned community members, who have written to City Council opposing this plan. We share one letter here:

Dear Mayor and Council Members,

A $120,000,000 ‘World Class’ Theme Park on the PNE site? Really? Is this something we actually need? Quite apart from the year-round parking chaos it will create (two weeks is quite enough) the misguided notion of placing an attraction like this in an area that is primarily residential is ludicrous and contradictory to the City’s stated goal of liveability.

If I hear the empty phrase ‘World Class’ one more time in connection with Vancouver I think I’ll throw up. This city will only become world class when it sorts out its affordable housing and transportation issues and finally does something about the tragedy that is the Downtown Eastside. The city is a mess and is impossible to get around – whether to do business or simply to live.

As someone who lives and runs a business in Vancouver I pay a fortune in city and property taxes. So, justifiably, I feel there are so many things that $120M could be spent on which would improve the city and our basic necessities of living before contemplating an amusement park. God knows we’re already amusing ourselves to death – to quote Neil Postman.

Give us something we need not something you think we want.


Alan Brain

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Give Your Input to PNE Advisory Committee members: Take Our Survey

We are in the process of trying to collect information from ‎Hastings Sunrise‬ and neighbouring residents to determine their current use of ‎Hastings Park‬ and what future activities, events, programs and green spaces they would like to have available in the park.

We would very much appreciate if you could complete the survey. We would also encourage you to share the survey via any venues you have may have available, with your friends, neighbours, and community contacts in Hastings Sunrise, by email, blogs, social media, etc.

Please complete and share survey promptly, as we want to collate the results and present them to the Hastings Park/PNE Community Advisory Board in June. Thank YOU!!! We appreciate your support!

Complete the survey here!

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April 22nd: Opportunity to Present to PNE Board of Directors

Have concerns you wish to voice to the PNE Board of Directors about Hastings Park? The PNE Board is currently the body in charge of managing the Hastings Park site, including the Sanctuary, Playland and surrounding grounds and buildings (with the exception of Empire Field).

You have an opportunity to present to the Board at their upcoming Public Meeting on Friday, April 22nd. Public meetings of the Board are scheduled twice per year.

Individuals or delegations may request to speak to an agenda item once the agenda is posted and up to 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting. Requests are made by email, phone or in person, and must be received by the PNE 24 hours before the start of the meeting. Requests must include first and last name, organization or interest group (if applicable) and agenda item to be addressed.

More information on Board protocols and meeting schedule is available here on the PNE’s website.

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