Then and Now: Changing Landscape (Aerial Views)

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“Where a short time ago there was nothing but the densest of woods that defined the hand of man to work a change in their primeval condition, now manufacturers of the East and West, the North and South are displaying their wares.” Vancouver Daily News – Advertiser August 16, 1910

The Plan of 1915 for Hastings Park shows the location of various planned exhibits and amusement facilities and also indicates the still limited development of the remainder of Hastings Park. As seen in 1919 (above), much of the land remained green space.

By 1957 (shown above), Hastings Park was marked by an absence of green spaces which had been replaced with asphalt, parking lots and buildings.


The current Sanctuary green space in Hastings Park was achieved after the BC Pavilion was demolished. The PNE found that the BC Pavilion (1957 photo above, circled in red) was poorly designed for exhibits and trade fairs. This section of Hastings Park thus became “the Sanctuary” (2009 photo above, circled in red) in the late 1990s after many years of community members lobbying City Council for a ‘real park’. Incidentally, no new location was found for the Challenger Map (topographical map) of British Columbia that had previously resided in the BC Pavilion.

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