Letter to the Editor of Vancouver Courier, in response to article re: PNE losing charitable status

Today we learned from the Vancouver Courier that “PNE loses charity status, faces 6-figure tax bill

Our own Gale Tyler has sent this response to the Editor of the Vancouver Courier:

Dear Editor,

Bob Makin reveals in his article, that the federal tax department revoked the PNE’s charitable status more than a year ago for failure to file.

During an all candidate’s meeting last November leading up the Municipal Election, Raymond Louie was asked publicly, “Why has the PNE not filed for Charitable Tax Status required to maintain non profit status?” Councillor Louie responded that it was simply that the the financial report was delayed and would be ready very soon and submitted to Canada Revenue.

Why has this financial report not been filed? What has caused this delay? Are the finances of the PNE not in order or not up to CRA scrutiny? How is it that all the same charitable activities at the PNE are continuing without non profit status?

The PNE Board, chaired by Raymond Louie, must reveal the PNE books to the public for scrutiny. Perhaps a forensic audit is in order.

And, the buck stops with Vancouver City Council that put Hastings Park and the PNE under the governance of the appointed and closed PNE Board instead of the Vancouver Park Board, a publicly elected Board. And, the City Council appoints the PNE Board and its Chairperson.

That a sitting City Councillor, Raymond Louie, is the chair of the PNE Board, looks like a conflict of interest to many people.
Citizens deserve to know just what is going on at Hastings Park. It is, after all, a public park and it should be governed publicly with the full knowledge of taxpayers.

Gale Tyler

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