Council has voted: Park Board officially removed from PNE Board and Hastings Park oversight

On Wednesday, June 10th, the City’s Standing Committee on Finance and Services discussed the topic of Hastings Park/PNE Governance Review and Bylaw Update, and the proposal to remove Park Board representation from the PNE Board who oversees the operation of the entire Hastings Park site (excepting Empire Field at the east end of the Park).

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Despite unanimous opposition from elected Park Board Commissioners themselves, and a close vote among Councillors (5 to 4), the decision has now formally been made to restructure the PNE Board so as to remove the Park Board seat, and reduce the size of Board overall.

As several speakers pointed out in last night’s discussion, transparency around the running of Hastings Park will most certainly decrease as a side effect of this change–rather than increase, as had been promised in earlier adoption of the Hastings Park Master Plan in 2010.

Certainly a very disappointing outcome for the Hastings-Sunrise community.

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