FOHP urges Park Board to remove Go Fish program from Hastings Park Sanctuary

On September 23, 2013, members of the Friends of Hastings Park attended a meeting of the Park Board to speak to commissioners, requesting removal of the recently started Go Fish program from the ecologically sensitive Sanctuary in Hastings Park, and consideration of relocating the program to a more suitable location.

A motion was put forward by commissioner Melissa De Genova in support of this action as follows, from the minutes:


  • A. The Vancouver Park Board direct staff to research possible locations that may
    be suitable for fishing in Vancouver.
  • B. The Chair of the Vancouver Park Board write a letter to the Pacific National
    Exhibition (PNE) Board asking for fishing at Hastings Park to stop immediately.

The motion was carried UNANIMOUSLY with minor amendments. See the full text of the September 23rd meeting minutes on the City of Vancouver website.

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