Local naturalist sings praises of nature walks in Hastings Park Sanctuary

See local naturalist, Sean McCann’s blog post about his experience on a recent Nature Walk in the Hastings Park Sanctuary (these are hosted almost monthly by the Hastings Park Conservancy).

This is a great example of why we need to protect the Sanctuary from the PNE Board’s decision to turn it into a fishing hole. Park Board would never have approved a fishing program in what is intended to be a refuge for wildlife; it was not mean to be an “attraction” like a Playland ride. Can you imagine a fishing program in Lost Lagoon, and an invitation to a million visitors being invited to come and fish in Stanley Park? Selling fishing licenses to any comers. This is what is on the PNE Fair website for this summer’s fair!

City Council will decide this Thursday, August 1st what the permanent governance model will be for Hastings Park.

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