(NOTE time change!) Register to speak ASAP: City to decide Hastings Park Governance on July 24th

The City’s Standing Committee of Planning, Transportation and Environment is scheduled to meet at City Hall, this Wednesday, July 24th starting at 2:00pm (CHANGED from 9:30 am) (View agenda here). The decision on future Governance of Hastings Park is marked as the last item on their last meeting before they shut down until September.

We encourage Hastings-Sunrise residents to register to speak at this meeting to support the recommendation of the Park Board, as well as the Community recommendation for Park Board Governance of Hastings Park.

It seems that pro PNE organizations (i.e., groups that rent from the PNE), were notified ahead of the general public that City Hall will discuss Hastings Park governance on July 24th, and more than 20 people were already registered to speak before we knew the date or agenda! Be prepared for a big pro-PNE list of speakers. We really need many more pro-Park Board speakers! Please sign up before the end of the day on Tuesday, July 23rd!

If you wish to speak, you must register with Tina Hildebrandt, Meeting Coordinator, at 604.873.7268 or e-mail: tina.hildebrandt@vancouver.ca
Additional information on speaking at Council can also be found here.

You are entitled to speak for up to 5 minutes, but it is equally important to simply have your name on the list, and on record as supporting Park Board governance. For example:

“My name is __________________. I have lived in the Hastings-Sunrise community for __________ years, next to/near Hastings Park. I am here today to support Park Board Governance of Hastings Park. I want Council to support the unanimous Recommendation of Park Board for Park Board Governance of Hastins Park. Our community wants Park Board Governance.”

If you prefer writing to Council and Park Board, these are the email addresses:

Our Steering Committee would also love to receive a copy, if you register to speak, or if you contact City Council (you can Cc us at hastingspark@gmail.com

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