URGENT, Community Needed! May 2nd at 7pm: City to reveal “preferred option” for Hastings Park Governance

The City sponsored meeting to reveal their preferred option for the governance of Hastings Park will be held:

Thursday, MAY 2nd (Rescheduled from April 25th)
7:00 pm (presentation-panel boards will be available at 6:00pm)
Hastings Community Centre

As we predicted, the city is recommending that the PNE Board (plus a few additions) stay in charge of Hastings Park.

The City recommendation is based on guiding principles that are mainly economic issues, flawed and misleading information describing the options for governance and 78 returned feedback forms that are ‘thematic’ and we are not allowed to see any quantitative data (see the attached notes of the meeting for details).

On April 15, our own community-led Public Meeting had an excellent turnout of 140 people, where we unanimously approved a recommendation to put the Park Board in charge, adhere to good governance criteria, and appoint a citizen’s advisory committee. (See attached meeting notes) This input was presented to the city’s stakeholders meeting held three days later on April 18, but no consideration was given to our views.

The ultimate surprise was to hear at the Stakeholders meeting that, “the PNE is not a tenant at Hastings Park”. There is no more pretense that we are talking about a “Fair within a Park”. It has now become, “The Fair is the Park”, and will be governed as such. There are many more details in the attached reports that are distressing, please take the time to read them.

We are encouraging all of you to come to the May 2nd meeting! The city will not allow public comments. If you have questions, they must be written down. To address this restrictive approach, we have a plan. We invite you to join with us and attend the open house. We will continue to fight for the public interest at Hastings Park.

We are simply outraged at the sham of the so-called ‘consultation’ for this governance review and the blatant manipulation of information that supports the predetermined outcome of this process. We need to respond in a way that is constructive, informs others about the dangers of commercialization in parks and demonstrates the continued strength and commitment of this community.

Please bring your friends and neighbours!

The only thing that can stop this is the dedication of community minded citizens! We cannot stand by while the City proposes to steal a public park!

Friends of Hastings Park

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