Overview of April 15th community-led Public Meeting and Media Coverage

Residents of Hastings Sunrise rose up on April 15th!

Thanks to the many people (130+) who attended Monday night’s meeting and brilliantly constructed a response to the City’s options for the governance of Hastings Park. The press coverage was extensive: Global TV, CTV, CBC TV and City TV all covered the meeting. CKNW 1130 and CBC radio, The Province newspaper. Visit our Press Archives page for some of the coverage that is available on the Web.

You can also listen at 2:02:35 on the April 16th CBC Early Edition podcast to hear a radio interview , with Linda Shuto of Friends of Hastings Park, giving an overview of the Public Meeting of April 15, 2013.

The meeting was sponsored by: Hastings Community Association, Hasting Park Conservancy, West Coast Christian School and Friends of Hastings Park. Kiwassa Neighbourhood House endorsed this meeting. Representatives of these groups will take forward the community’s decisions from this meeting to the City-sponsored “Stakeholders” meeting on April 18th.

The decisions: (these are not the official minutes)

1. We approved the following as the essential criteria for good governance of hastings Park:

  • Public mandate
  • Public Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Equality (with other parks)
  • Communications

2. We approved of a revised option 2 – Governance by the Park Board and a permanent HP Citizen’s Advisory Committee that incorporates the criteria for good governance:

    Hastings Park is governed by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and has the authority from Council and the Vancouver Charter to govern all land use of Hastings Park and oversee its use by tenants.

We agreed that a permanent Hastings Park Citizen’s Advisory Committee was required as part of the governance structure to ensure that local residents had power to influence the issues that affect them.

We listed some key considerations for this option that are quite different from the City’s Park board option, including:

  • The Park board is responsible for the land use of the whole park.(note: the city’s option divides park areas from PNE areas)
  • Governance and management functions are separated (note: the city’s option confuses these functions)
  • The PNE, Hastings Racecourse, Circus West and other remain as tenants with operating/lease agreements with the Park Board (as in other parks across the city)
  • All tenants pay rent, providing revenue for park operations and development.
  • Tenants who engage in commercial activities are responsible for those activities and accountable to the Park Board
  • The PNE remains as a corporate, non-profit Board and still qualifies for charitable status
  • Union succession rights ensure stability for all employees on site
  • Public input at Park board meetings, published agendas and minutes, accountability by elected officials meet requirements for transparency and accountability.

3. Action motions:

Talk to your friends and neighbours! Bring them out on April 25th.
Details to follow.

The full minutes will be available soon.

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