April 15th: Public Meeting on Hastings Park Governance Options

Hello Friends of Hastings Park,

You may have heard about the City’s recent open house on March 11th at Hastings Community centre regarding the governance of Hastings Park. Over 70 people attended and the mood and consensus was pretty clear:

  • The three governance options put forward by the city are not acceptable
  • The options focus on what body can pay for the master plan — not governance issues
  • The city seems to favour the PNE staying in charge of the park by stating that the charitable status will be lost if any other body is in charge

We are holding a community public meeting to do what should have happened at the city meeting–build a community consensus on what is good governance. We want to focus on what is needed to make sure the governance body is accountable to the public interest.

Please mark your calendar for this meeting:

Monday, April 15, 2013
7:00 pm
Hastings Community Centre

We need volunteers to help advertise and leaflet for this meeting! If you are interested in volunteering about 2 hours to deliver leaflets in the Hastings Sunrise area, please e-mail us at hastingspark@gmail.com with your name, phone number and the area you would like to deliver to.

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