Help us make the Hastings Park governance review an open process! Sample letter to Mayor and Council

As you may be aware, Friends of Hastings Park has not been included as a stakeholder representing community interests for Hastings Park. Some of you have asked for a sample of a letter to send to Mayor and Council to pressure them for an open public community meeting to allow for your input into the Governance Review of Hastings Park. Below is a copy of a letter sent by one of our neighbours.

Your FOHP steering committee needs your support. We are fighting hard to make this Review open.

PLEASE send a letter to and copy the contents of the sample letter below. The last two paragraphs say it all.

Many thanks from the Steering Committee
of Friends of Hastings Park


Mayor and Council:

As you are aware, the Hastings Park Conservancy and Hastings Community Association have been invited to participate in a series of meetings to discuss the future governance of Hastings Park. However, one of the key representatives of the community residents has been excluded – the Friends of Hastings Park. As well, repeated requests for an open meeting (not open houses – which are passive, non-dialogic forms of community engagement) have been ignored.

The Friends of Hastings Park have played a key role in representing the concerns of the residents of the Hastings-Sunrise area. They have been instrumental in pushing for this governance review. To exclude FOHP from this review – further to deny us an open meeting – is to have excluded residents from participating and contributing to this critical process. Again!

We have been routinely left out of decision-making, particularly relating to Hastings Park, or reduced to mere token representation. Moreover, whatever process we have been involved in has routinely failed us and – worse – agreements arrived at supposedly in the community’s interest have too often been ignored or broken. We need direct involvement in this review. We need an open meeting where we can hear our own collective voices as well as those of the City, PNE and other corporate concerns.

We need to be part of the discussion and solution. Not managed out of the way of vested parties’ interests.



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