FOHP Updates: Our Public Meeting, and City Council motion

Two big events happened this week regarding the governance of Hastings Park.

1. Friends of Hastings Park held its own Public Meeting on October 17 which passed several motions that chart our direction for the next while.

  • We agreed with our panelists that the Parks Board should be in charge of Hastings Park. “Keep it simple”, Setty Pendakur and Shane Simpson advised. Management is not the same as governance. Tenants at the park (like the PNE) should not govern the whole park.
  • We agreed that the process of “governance review” should be open, inclusive, public and should engage the community in this consultation.
  • We agreed that we must raise Hastings Park at every all candidates meeting before the civic election on November 19, 2011
  • We agreed that ‘occupying Hastings Park’ is a strategy we need to look at for the future.

The detailed motions and a full report of the meeting will be available on our website in the near future. Thanks to the people who signed up to speak! We are very proud of the impact we made with so many articulate voices.

2. On October 20th, City Council’s Planning and Environment Committee met, and passed a motion to begin the Governance of Hastings Park “immediately”.

The agenda and minutes, and video record (at about the 2:00:00 mark in the video) of the October 20th meeting is available here on the City of Vancouver website. Several Vancouver citizens attended as speakers to the issue. A question to staff made it clear that nothing would happen before January because staff are busy with the work on Empire Field, creekside and greenways. We note that the Council’s intention to do a governance review of Hastings Park was passed in November 2010. While this is disappointing, we cannot let them off the hook before this election.

We have lots to do and we will be needing help! We will be in touch soon with specific requests. In the meantime:

STANDS continue every Saturday through November 12th, between 1:00 to 2:00 pm at the corner of E. Hastings and Renfrew Streets. Join us for one hour! Our numbers need to grow every week for the next four weeks.

WE must keep up the pressure and public attention on Hastings Park during this election campaign. See you Saturday!

Friends of Hastings Park
Steering Committee

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