Great work by Friends of Hastings Park on December 9th! Council meets next on December 14th

Hurrah! to all you Friends of Hastings Park who came to the third meeting with Council on December 9th (Council video available here), to all of you who spoke so eloquently, and to those of you who could not get there but who sent your letters and emails to Council.

FOHP speakers last night were:
Bill Bargeman, Colleen Fuller, Nuri Marconato, John Calvert, Lee Bamberry, Jen Bamberry, Eleanor Reardon, Stuart Anderson, Lana Leeson, Eric Harms, Gerry Gramek, Connie Bonsteel. (Hope I did not miss someone!)

The quality of everyone’s presentation to Council was wonderful. Each one was unique and made us proud. We spoke with honesty, conviction, intelligence, passion, made our points clearly, held our ground when questioned and showed Council that we know so much more about the Plan that they are going to vote on than they do.

There were about 5 speakers who spoke in favour of the plan, including representatives from Circus West Performing Arts Society, Coca Cola Refreshments, Vancouver Board of Trade, and Tourism Vancouver.

The December 9th meeting ended at 11:00 pm. Council moved a motion to hear the last speaker at this meeting, and make their decision on the Master Plan next week at a Council meeting Tuesday, December 14, at 2:00 pm (it appears on the Agenda under “Unfinished Business”) and it will be the First item on their agenda. It would be great for as many Friends Of Hastings Park who can make this meeting to be there as Witnesses to their decision.

The amazing community members who have rallied around the issue of Hastings Park and the Master Plan have made a difference. We have awakened the community, the city and the Council to the concerns we have about this business plan — the Master Plan For Hastings Park. We have given notice to this Council that we are not going away. We told them that we will continue to actively persist through whatever means we decide, to get the Park this community deserves and needs. Friends of Hastings Park will be making plans to pursue our Goals. A celebration of what we have accomplished to this point is in order. Let us make this event a big one. Please let the steering committee know what you think about this.

The steering committee of FOHP hopes to see you at City Hall this coming Tuesday, December 14th, at 2:00 pm. The Council members who have supported us, David Cadman and Ellen Woodsworth, deserve our support and our thanks, as well. They would appreciate us being there.

In solidarity,
Gale for FOHP steering committee

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