Still speakers left: Council to reconvene again on Thursday, December 9th

Wow, what an impressive group we are! Two meetings with City Council so far — last night’s meeting went to 11:00 pm. City Council will reconvene again this Thursday, December 9th at 6:30pm to hear the remaining speakers.

There are still Friends of Hastings Park on the list to speak at the December 9th meeting. Please be there to support them and our cause. Those of us who have already spoken should be there, if possible, to support those who are still waiting. Numbers count and we must be there to make an impact!
Please wear green and we will bring some green scarves for those that aren’t wearing green.

On December 7th there were numerous passionate and detailed speeches (December 7th video available here). Our wonderful community representatives that have spoken so far and who have done their community and Hastings Park proud are:
Georgina Nicholson, Bernadette Stringer, Darci Swinton, David Bornman, James Lindfield, Linda Shuto, Gale Tyler, Gillian Campbell, Helen Mintz, Mary Filippelli, Linda Young, Armin Strohschein, Nigel Peck, Kara Arden, Pat Miller, Bruce Wright, Darcy Collins.

The Chair, Councillor Reimer took questions in writing from councillors present, read those 13 questions aloud for the record, and will be forwarding them to city planning staff. She indicated her intent to have answers available at the December 9th reconvened meeting.

For those of you who can’t make the December 9th meeting, you can email council members as the meeting is progressing ( Some councillors read these emails during the meeting. You can have your say about what is being said by speakers, staff or council members.

During the meeting, you can also watch the live stream on the City Council website, at the link below:

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