Council to reconvene on Dec 7th to continue Hastings Park debate

We had a great meeting on December 2nd and it is not over yet!  (Dec 2nd Council Video available here). The Hastings Park debate is now carried over to next week, on Tuesday EVENING, December 7th at 7:00pm. Bring your friends and neighbours on December 7th to City Hall Council Chambers — this may be the meeting that makes the difference!  Numbers count!  We are making an impression. If you are on the speakers’ list you will get to speak at this meeting–unless they run out of time again. There are over 60 speakers signed up — well done all of you!

PLEASE NOTE:  There will be no STAND this Saturday.  We need you all to come out on Tuesday night, even if you can only come for a while.

At the December 2nd Council meeting, after a lengthy staff presentation and questions by councillors, Georgina Nicholson, our only speaker, did us proud!  She answered many questions from the councillors and did a fantastic job.

Unfortunately, if you did not already sign up, you cannot get on the speaker’s list now for December 7th. Three councillors objected to this and said some people could only come in the evening, so it was unfair to close the speakers list, but it passed with only Councillors Cadman, Woodsworth and Anton voting against.  The chair said others could still e-mail councillors if they wanted to have their say.

Here is what we need to do now:

E-mail Mayor and Councillors ( Tell them you whatever you have to say about the Park and tell them if you could have spoken at the meeting next week but were shut out by the Vision Councillors Motion to close the speakers’ list.

The key issues are becoming clear — i.e., Governance. No one knows what body will be in charge of the new building and ‘festival’ areas.  If it is the Parks Board, our community will have access and programming to meet our needs for arts, cultural and recreational activities.  If the PNE is in charge it will be business as usual –rentals to the highest bidder.  The councillors are nervous about this because their intention is to pass the Plan but delay the decision on Governance until we all go away.  We have to keep pressing for a delay to enable a real community consultation and a governance decision acceptable to the community.

To watch the live video stream during the December 7th meeting, connect via this page:

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One Response to Council to reconvene on Dec 7th to continue Hastings Park debate

  1. Marc Caloren says:

    Way to go Georgina! W.R.T. the extension, I believe that Council must hear from anyone who wishes to speak, wether or not they are registered to do so ahead of time. In fact, I think the protocol requires the Mayor to call out three times in an audible voice after the last “registered” speaker has presented, asking if there is anyone else who wishes to address Council. Someone might want to check on this as it may allow for more input from those who couldn’t attend the Tuesday afternoon mtg. Good luck!

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