COPE press release: Cadman to urge Council to delay Hastings Master Plan decision


Councillor Cadman calls for delay on green-washed Hastings Park Plan

COPE Councillor David Cadman is calling for Thursday’s vote on the Hastings Park Master Plan to be delayed because of overwhelming community opposition and it’s failure to measure up to Vancouver’s own environmental goals.

“The community has been very clear that they don’t support the plan as it currently stands,” said Cadman, “We think we need to delay the vote to allow more time to find a better way forward.”

Cadman noted that the plan fails to meet Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan. “This is a test of how green this council really is. You have 144 acres called Hastings Park, but you’re going to retain 3500 parking spaces and add millions worth of new buildings. So is it a park, or is it a convention centre?”

Cadman said that the neighbourhood has invested years in the planning process and want to see a real plan for a fair within a park. “We all support the PNE and Playland and the economic activity that they generate. We recognize how many jobs are at stake, and we support them. Many people’s first job was at the PNE. This is a question of supporting a real park that has been promised for over 15 years, and this plan doesn’t deliver on those promises.”

Cadman and fellow COPE Councillor Woodsworth will be asking a number of questions that remain unanswered and will be putting forward a number of proposals at council this week that deal with community concerns.

“We have some ideas on how to make this work and we’ll bring them forward at Council,” said Cadman. “We think they are ideas everyone can get behind.”

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