December 2nd: Friends of Hastings Park Goes to City Council

Thursday, December 2nd (this week!), members of the Friends of Hastings Park are taking the community feedback from our recent Public Meeting, and speaking to the issue of the Hastings Park Master Plan at the upcoming City Council meeting.

The meeting begins at 2pm, but Hastings Park is #6 on the agenda so it will likely come up later in the meeting. If you are available to attend all or part of the meeting in support, or want to register as a speaker, this is greatly appreciated! Also, if you are willing to speak, please let us know by e-mailing You do not have to say much, a few sentences about what you want to have happen at Hastings Park that would bring you to that Park more often. If you were at the Public Meeting on November 17th, think about what you put on your Re-Visioning Sheet.

There are some useful links below related to the meeting, speaker registration, and monitoring the agenda if you want to time your arrival more conveniently. Go Friends!!

Contact the City Clerk to Register to Speak to Council:
Note: Speeches must be 5 minutes only.
You can phone Phone Nicole Ludwig, City Clerk at City Hall to register 604.873.7276 or e-mail your request to Tell her you want your name added to the list of speakers for the December 2nd Hastings Park Issue. Or register online:

Agenda for December 2nd Council meeting:

Link to live webcast of the Council meeting, if you want to monitor how the agenda is progressing through the afternoon:

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