A Grand Stand: AWESOME turnout at City Hall rally on November 27th!

Thanks to more than 80 Friends of Hastings Park who came to the Stand at City Hall on Saturday, and to those of you who could not come but who were there in spirit. It was a memorable afternoon. Many Gregor Robertson look-alikes were present, as well as the “Real Green Gregor” (really, James Lindfield, who conceived of the Gregor masks and who showed up in a bike helmet to play the Mayor), who appeared to tell the scores of Gregor look-alikes what his plans were for the City and For Hastings Park. The Friends all joined in the tongue-in-cheek humour by applauding the “Mayor” for his green good news, and booing his not-so-good news for leaving the green out of Hastings Park. We made an impressive, noisy and visible Stand and got many, many honks and waves from passersby. Global TV and CTV covered the Stand, which appeared on that evening’s News.

Great work, all!

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